Using Our Scanner

Our microchip scanner can be used with our free app, without the need for a subscription. The minimum information we will give you is the chip number and UK database the pet is registered with.

Buy ScannerHow to Scan

Get Scanning in 4 Easy Steps...

1. Get a Scanner

Buy a PetScanner microchip reader from the PetScanner shop for just £9.99 - the world's lowest cost!

2. Download Free App

Download the free PetScanner app from the Google Play store and register to create a free profile.

3. Get Scanning

Connect the PetScanner to your phone and click the green scan icon in the top left corner in the app. You will hear short beeps when you are close to a microchip and a longer beep when it has been detected!

4. Enjoy the Features

Enjoy the additional free features of the app such as finding your nearest dog friendly place and viewing local lost pets.

How to Scan With PetScanner

Watch our quick video on how to scan a pet with PetScanner.

What Information Will the App Show?

When any pet is scanned with a PetScanner microchip reader, the minimum information the app will show is the microchip number and the UK DEFRA database in which the pet is registered to. If the scanned pet is registered with PetScanner, we will give you this information plus the owner's contact details (name, phone number and email address) so you can reunite the pet and owner at the tap of a button! The pet owner will also receive your name, number, email address and location of scan.

Scanning a non-registered pet

Someone scanning a dog that is not registered with PetScanner

Scanning a PetScanner-registered pet

Image of PetScanner reader and app in use on dog
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