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We offer two types of microchip scanner - cable and Bluetooth. Have a look to see which PetScanner microchip reader is best for you!

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Cable Microchip Scanner

Take a 3D look at the world's lowest cost pet microchip reader.

No Batteries Needed

No batteries are needed as this scanner is powered by your smartphone, making it superbly lightweight.

Pocket Sized

Our cable scanner can fit in your pocket, bag or car, measuring 8.5*5.5*1cm with a cable length of 60cm.

Android Compatibility

Compatible with Android phones, offering a choice of two connectors (micro USB or USB-C) and scans all worldwide standard for pet microchips (EU/ISO FDX-B)

World’s Lowest Cost

Our cable scanner is by far the world’s lowest cost pet microchip reader, at just £9.99!

Choice of Connector

Micro USB Connector
USB-C Connector

Bluetooth Microchip Scanner (Coming Soon)

Take a look at the 3D features of the world's second lowest cost microchip reader.


Requires a 9 volt PP3 battery and once powered, will stay on for 1 minute before automatically turning off to conserve battery.

Pocket Sized

Our Bluetooth scanner is fantastically lightweight and pocket sized, measuring just 10*6*2.5cm.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all iPhone & Android phones and can scan all worldwide standard for pet microchips (EU/ISO FDX-B)

Low Cost

Our Bluetooth scanner is the world’s second lowest cost microchip reader, at just £19.99!

Microchip Scanner Comparison

Take a look at the table below for a quick comparison between our microchip readers

 PetScanner Cable ReaderPetScanner Bluetooth Reader
Battery requiredPowered by phone (9 Volt PP3 battery included)
Phone compatibility All Android phonesAll Android and IOS phones
Type of microchipWorldwide standard for pet microchips (EU/ISO FDX-B)Worldwide standard for pet microchips (EU/ISO FDX-B)
Number of scans (battery)Unlimited (powered by phone)Battery will power more than 1000 scans
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