Registration Pricing & Billing

We offer the most advanced & lowest cost DEFRA-compliant microchip registration from just £2.99 - this even includes the first 3 months of PetScanner Pet Protection. See below for our pricing and billing structure.

Our Pricing

Our DEFRA-compliant registration is a one-off payment from as little as £2.99 and includes 3 months of PetScanner Pet Protection (usually from £0.99 per month). After 3 months, you can choose to continue your PetScanner Pet Protection or cancel it - either way, your pet will still be registered on our DEFRA-compliant database and you can update your contact details for free at any time!

Pricing table for 1 pet
PetScanner pricing for 2 pets
PetScanner Pricing for 3 pets

Registering more than 3 pets?

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Protected PetsDEFRA Registration + PetScanner Pet Protection/month (billed quarterly)
4£9.99 one-off registration payment + £3.33/month
5£11.99 one-off registration payment + £3.99/month
6£13.99 one-off registration payment + £4.66/month
7£15.99 one-off registration payment + £5.33/month
8£17.99 one-off registration payment + £5.99/month
9£19.99 one-off registration payment + £6.66/month
10£21.99 one-off registration payment + £7.33/month
11£23.49 one-off registration payment + £7.83/month
12£24.99 one-off registration payment + £8.33/month
13£26.49 one-off registration payment + £8.83/month
14£27.99 one-off registration payment + £9.33/month
15£29.49 one-off registration payment + £9.83/month
16£30.99 one-off registration payment + £10.33/month
17£31.99 one-off registration payment + £10.66/month
18£32.99 one-off registration payment + £10.99/month
19£33.99 one-off registration payment + £11.33/month
20£34.99 one-off registration payment + £11.66/month

Our Billing Process

When you register one pet, we charge a registration fee of £2.99 which covers your pet under our DEFRA-compliant database - this also includes 3 months of PetScanner Pet Protection (usually £0.99 per month billed quarterly) which gives you many benefits as shown below. Our subscription price is £0.99 per month (billed quarterly) and we automatically bill £2.99 for this every 3 months. For multiple pets, the same process will apply at the relevant cost (see pricing).

A Quick Reminder of Our App Benefits...

  • Full DEFRA-compliant pet protection – see us listed on GOV.UK as one of their trusted and approved databases here
  • Update your contact details for free
  • Receive an instant notification of where your pet is scanned with a PetScanner reader and who by
  • Receive an instant notification if your pet is searched online with any other database lookup service
  • View your pet’s previous scan and search records, including chip searches done via DEFRA microchip lookup tools, such as Petlog. (The scan history provided is for scans made with a PetScanner)
  • Mark your pet as lost – other users are notified on the app and will see your pet marked as lost when scanned with a PetScanner
  • View lost, stolen and homeless pets
  • Securely transfer pet ownership using our in-app pet transfer function (no more sending off paperwork)
  • Scan & identify any microchipped pet and contact the owner if they are registered with us (scanner needed)
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Our Microchip Scanners

We offer the world's lowest cost cable and wireless microchip readers - these can be used to register your pet, reunite missing pets, for general pet identification or even to check if your pet's microchip is working. No subscription is needed to use a scanner, simply download the free app and connect your scanner to your phone.

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