Implanter Incentives Program

We offer free microchips to implanters and professionals involved in our Implanters Incentives Program.

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Free Microchips for Every Registration

As well as offering the world’s lowest cost microchip scanner, we also offer the lowest cost microchips for implanters and professionals. Our implanter incentives program (explained below) is the smartest and most cost-effective way to microchip animals, giving you free microchips for every PetScanner registration. All you need is a PetScanner microchip reader and the free PetScanner app.

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Suitable for every use case

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Implanter Incentives Program

Simple 4-step Process

1. Pre-register Microchips

Once you have bought a pack of our microchips (come in packs of 10) you will need to register each chip by scanning them with a PetScanner microchip reader – these are logged in the ‘my microchips’ section under ‘active’ on the app. These active microchips can now be implanted into a pet.

My Microchips

The ‘My Microchips’ section on the app shows your active and historical microchips. Active microchips are the chips that you (the implanter) have pre-registered and are not yet implanted into a pet. Historical microchips are chips that have been implanted and have transferred ownership to a keeper (therefore a subscription has been paid).

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2. Pre-register Pet

When the active microchips are implanted into a pet, each one is scanned by the breeder (that has the intention to transfer ownership) using the ‘pre-register pet’ breeder options. These microchips will be logged onto the breeder’s PetScanner profile on the app. The pre-registered pet microchips will be registered to a breeder with the ‘re-homing’ status. The re-homing status means that the pet is not yet fully registered on to the PetScanner database and is ready to be transferred to a new owner.

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3. Transfer Ownership

When a new owner comes to re-home the pet, they will need to download the PetScanner app, scan the pet with a PetScanner microchip reader and register/subscribe to create the pet profile. The registration cost of just £2.99 includes a free 3-month subscription on the PetScanner database – this is fully DEFRA (government) compliant and the new owner will receive all the PetScanner benefits including notifications when their pet’s chip is scanned or searched online – providing the best chance of reuniting if their pet is ever lost or stolen. This pet’s chip will now move from ‘active’ to 'historical' on the implanters ‘my microchips’ section on the app.

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4. My Rebate Codes

For each microchip that is registered with PetScanner (a subscription has been paid), the implanter receives 1 microchip credit. When 10 microchip credits are reached, a coupon is generated to receive 10 FREE MICROCHIPS – this coupon is shown in the ‘my rebate codes’ section on the app. When you click on the rebate code, it will take you to the PetScanner shop and AUTOMATICALLY generate the discount at the checkout. We only charge for delivery!

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