The British Vets Association (BVA) has warned that veterinary practices across the UK are struggling to cope with demand, as a combination of Brexit and a sharp rise in pet ownership have caused a surge in workloads.

Registration of vets from overseas have dropped dramatically since Brexit, with just 155 from the EU between January and May 2021, compared to 533 for the same period in 2019. Meanwhile, an estimated 3.2 million pets have been bought during the pandemic.

iNews reports that the shortage, coupled with rising charges, has led to an increasing number of cats going unneutered. Cats Protection have warned that this could shortly lead to a ‘kitten boom’, as cats typically have four to six kittens in a litter, and can get pregnant every two months, from about the age of six months.

While the idea of a kitten boom might sound cute, in reality there are already an estimated 250,000 stray cats in the UK, who are either feral or have become lost from their homes.

Dr Andrew Monchar, a vet from Finchley, said that many of his clients are first-time pet owners, and although the majority act responsibly, some people are cynically cashing in on demand by taking kittens from stray mothers and selling them for cash.

Dr Anita Lowe, a vet from Bedfordshire, said that if owners were facing a wait to get their pets neutered, they should keep them indoors at all times. “Owners can very easily find ideas for, and provide their cats with, enrichment activities indoors that will keep them both physically and mentally stimulated while they wait for their neutering date,” she says.

She added: “Keeping your cat indoors until they are neutered is a really impactful thing to not contribute to the kitten boom.”

Anyone thinking of acquiring a new pet is advised to consider if they have enough time and resources to meet its needs, and if there is a vet surgery nearby that is open to new clients.

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