Sixty-three percent of Americans own some kind of sex toy, and that number is only going to increase as society becomes more responsive to sex. However, with so many different types of sex toys on the market today, knowing exactly how to use sex toys can be confusing.

As SexToyCollective, we decided to boil this guide down to 8 common categories of sex toys and how to use them. Whether you're a penis or a vulva, you'll find everything here from vibrators to anal beads and cock rings, so you can use sex toys like a pro right away.

Let's get started!
1. How to use a dildo
Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important to find the right dildo for you. If you are using a dildo to penetrate your vagina, make sure it is made of a material that is safe for humans (such as silicone). If you are using a dildo, make sure it is safe for your body and has a flared base so it doesn't accidentally slide into your bottom while you are playing with it.

Safety first!

Even if you are naturally wet, I highly recommend using a high quality water based grease on the dildo and vagina/anus to make things easier. Start slowly, play some relaxing music, and introduce the mytoyfirst Realistic Dildo slowly into your body. Don't jerk it too quickly - allow your body to adjust to the size of the dildo, especially if it's large.

You can check out our lube guide for more information.

Once you feel your body relax and stretch enough to accommodate the dildo, start increasing the speed, getting a little rougher if you like. Also consider trying a different position-not using your hands, but balancing the dildo on the floor while riding or squatting on the floor.

If you lean that way, you can even practice oral sex!

2. How to use a bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrators are primarily used for clitoral stimulation, which means you should focus on the external clitoris rather than placing it internally. Place these external clitoral toys against your clitoris and set them to vibrate until you find the desired vibration pattern and intensity.

They feel like heaven.

If you have a very sensitive clitoris, try using a bullet vibrating clitoral hood or other part of your vulva. They are also great for teasing other nipples and inner thighs in the erogenous zone. I also personally recommend using a lube with bullet vibrations, although some ladies are reluctant to use them.

Oh, and don't forget that bullet vibrators are one of the easiest toys to bring into the bedroom! 81% of women bring sex toys into the bedroom with their partners, so why not give them a try? Clitoral stimulation coupled with penetration can be magical.
You can also purchase specially designed couple's vibrators, such as the WeVibe Chorus, which is designed for sex with a partner.

3. How to use a rabbit vibrator

Okay, so rabbit vibrators are sex toys that are designed to give you both external clitoral stimulation and internal G-spot stimulation. These two pleasure zones on your body can be combined to create a "hybrid orgasm" where you can experience two different types of female orgasms at the same time.

Fun stuff!

First, stimulate your clitoris with "rabbit ears" and get those sexual juices flowing. When you feel turned on and ready, lubricate the toy's spindle with some water-based lubricant and slowly insert it into your vagina. Make sure the tip of the shaft is at an angle to your stomach, as this is the side of the body where the G-spot is located.

The design of the toy should clearly state how to insert the rabbit vibe.

Most rabbit vibrators have multiple settings that control the vibration of the rabbit's ears as well as the vibration of the tip of the G-spot. Many of these toys will also have additional controls for rotation and vortexing within the spindle. Start small and proceed slowly until more intense vibrations are created.

Don't put yourself in the deep end (mild pun intended).
4. How to use the wand vibrator
Hitachi Magic Wand
Wand vibrators such as the famous Hitachi Magic Wand are well known for their deep rumbling vibrations. Wand vibrators are designed for external clitoral stimulation, although I've heard of some people using them as penis vibrators as well, so there are many possibilities with these toys

If you use them on your clitoris, be sure to press them firmly against your body (if you're comfortable) to allow those deep vibrations to penetrate your deeper clitoral complex (your clitoris is deeper than you think!) ) and keep your clitoris supported. Hormonal pumping.

You can even try using a wand vibrator with your partner!

When using these sex toys, keep in mind that due to their intensity, they may start to make you feel numb after a while. It is very helpful to move them to different parts of your vulva to make sure you keep feeling the vibrations and having fun.

Vibrating a numb cat isn't very fun.

5. How to use docking plugs
Anal Docking Plugs
Docking plugs may be used for a variety of reasons - some people like them for sexual pleasure, some use them to stimulate the prostate, and some use them to stretch the anus before anal sex. At Best butt plugs are made from body-safe materials and have a flared base that stops them from being trapped inside.

No one wants to go to the emergency room!

First, insert 1 or 2 lubricated fingers slowly into the buttocks. You can't just push these sex toys in there without any warning - the anus needs time to stretch and adjust. Once you have successfully placed 2 or 3 lubricated fingers inside the anus, you can begin using the butt plug.
If you are new to anal toys, I recommend using a small silicone butt plug that can be inserted at a length of 2-3 inches. If you can't handle that, do not use a large sex toy!

Cover the butt plug with a high quality water-based grease and slowly begin to slide it inside you. It will be very uncomfortable at first, but once the plug is fully inserted inside, the anus will close over the tight neck of the buttocks and it will start to become more natural.

Some butt plugs, such as the Lovense Hush, are designed to be used all day or for extended periods of time. The Lovense Hush, for example, has a special spiral neck design that traps the lubricant inside the sphincter and stops it from sliding out easily.