Pet Microchip Registration

Microchip registration with PetScanner will make you compliant with UK law and give you the best chance to reunite with your pet if they ever go missing.

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To register your pet's microchip under our DEFRA approved pet database, download the free PetScanner app and follow the steps below. You can enter your pet's microchip number manually or, to improve accuracy, use our in-app barcode scanner or scan your pet's microchip with a PetScanner reader. Our registration fee is £2.99 and this includes a free 3 month subscription to access all other features on the app, and updating your contact & address details is free!

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1. Get Started

Download the free PetScanner app on the Google Play store and register for free. Tap 'add pet' to register a new pet.
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2. Register Your Pet

To add your pet, we need to find our their microchip number. You can do this by one of the following ways: manually enter their chip number, scan the microchip barcode on their implantation document using our in-app barcode scanner, scan your pet’s chip with a PetScanner reader. If using a PetScanner reader, connect it to your phone and scan your pet obtain chip number.

3. Complete Registration

Enter other details to complete pet registration. Once subscribed, your pet is now protected under our DEFRA-approved database - the most effective microchip protection for your pet. If you have a PetScanner chip reader, you can now use it to connect with other users & reunite missing pets!
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4. Enjoy the Features

Enjoy the additional features of the app such as finding your nearest dog-friendly place, receive updates on local lost pets and instant notifications when your pet's microchip is scanned.

How to Scan With PetScanner

Watch our quick video on how to scan a pet with PetScanner.

PetScanner Registration Benefits

  • Full DEFRA-compliant pet protection – see us listed on GOV.UK as one of their trusted and approved databases here
  • Update your contact details for free (included in subscription)
  • Receive an instant notification of where your pet is scanned with a PetScanner reader and who by
  • Receive an instant notification if your pet is searched online with any other database lookup service
  • Log & view lost, stolen and homeless pets
  • Securely transfer pet ownership using our in-app pet transfer function (no more sending off paperwork)
  • Scan & identify any microchipped pet and contact the owner if they are registered with us

How it Works

Transfer of Ownership

If you would like to re-home a pet, simply go to ‘my pets’ in the PetScanner app, tap on your pet and then tap ‘re-home’. The new owner can then scan the pet’s microchip and they will be notified that this pet is marked for re-homing. The app will then ask if they wish to take ownership. The new owner will tap ‘yes’ and the pet will then be transferred to the new owner, where they can change their contact and address details on the app.

We ensure that pets can only change ownership when the true owner has authorised the transfer by unlocking their pet in the PetScanner app. If there is any attempt to transfer ownership of a locked PetScanner registered pet, you will instantly receive a notification of who is scanning your pet and where they are located.

How it Works

Report Your Pet Missing

If you want to report your pet missing, go to ‘my pets’ and tap on the pet you want to report. Tap the ‘safe’ button to change it to ‘lost’ and then mark where you last saw your pet. If your missing pet’s microchip is looked up online through any database, you will be instantly notified. If scanned with a PetScanner reader, you will be instantly notified of who scanned your pet and where it took place, and you can contact that person immediately by phone, text or email (and vice versa).

Image of PetScanner reader and app in use on dog

How it Works

Implanter Incentives

We now produce our own microchips at a fantastic price and we offer great benefits for implanters. If you're an implanter and wish to be involved in our free microchip implanter incentives scheme, please contact us to discuss our options.

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How it Works

Update Personal Details

Here at PetScanner, we understand that your contact & address details change regularly, so we don't charge when you need to update them. Simply go to the app and tap on the burger menu in the top left corner. Tap on your name and email address in the top left corner of the extended menu and then edit the details you wish to change. It's that easy!

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