PetScanner Pet Protection

We provide you with the smartest & easiest way to keep your pet safe and give you the best chance to reunite with them if they ever go missing.

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Give your pet the protection they deserve...

  • Receive an instant notification of where your pet is scanned with a PetScanner reader and who by
  • Receive an instant notification if your pet is searched online with any other database lookup service
  • View your pet’s previous scan and search records, including chip searches done via DEFRA microchip lookup tools, such as Petlog. (The scan history provided is for scans made with a PetScanner)
  • Mark your pet as lost – other users are notified on the app and will see your pet marked as lost when scanned with a PetScanner
  • View lost, stolen and homeless pets
  • Securely transfer pet ownership using our in-app pet transfer function (no more sending off paperwork)
  • Full DEFRA-compliant pet protection – see us listed on GOV.UK as one of their trusted and approved databases here
  • Update your contact details for free
protect my pet!How to register

Register My Pet

To register your pet's microchip under our DEFRA approved pet database, download the free PetScanner app and follow the steps below. You can enter your pet's microchip number manually, use our in-app barcode scanner or scan your pet's microchip with a PetScanner reader. Our registration charge is £2.99 and this includes 3 months of PetScanner Pet Protection with access to all other features on the app.

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1. Get Started

Download the free PetScanner app on the Google Play store and register for free. Tap 'add pet' to register a new pet.

2. Register Your Pet

To add your pet, we need to find their microchip number. You can do this by one of the following ways: manually enter their chip number, scan the microchip barcode on their implantation document using our in-app barcode scanner, or scan your pet’s chip using a PetScanner reader.
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3. Complete Registration

Enter other details to complete pet registration. Once subscribed, your pet is now protected under our DEFRA-approved database - the most effective microchip protection for your pet. If you have a PetScanner chip reader, you can now use it to connect with other users & reunite missing pets!
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4. Enjoy the Features

Enjoy the additional features of the app such as finding your nearest dog-friendly place, receive updates on local lost pets and instant notifications when your pet's microchip is scanned.

Instant Scan Notifications

Receive an instant notification if your pet is ever scanned with a PetScanner. You will also see where your pet was scanned and who by, so you can call, text or email the person that scanned your pet (and vice versa).

Instant Search Notifications

Receive an instant notification when your pet's chip number is searched online with any other DEFRA-compliant lookup tool, including Petlog. See when the chip was searched and the database it was searched on.

Scan & search history

View your pet’s previous microchip search records, including searches done via DEFRA microchip lookup tools, such as Petlog. The scan history provided is for scans made with a PetScanner. You can view your pet's search & scan history all the way back from August 2018.

Mark your pet as lost

Mark your pet as lost if they ever go missing and all nearby PetScanner users will be notified. If a user scans your pet, you can see where they were scanned, who scanned them and you can also contact the person scanning by phone call, text or email at the tap of a button (and vice versa).

Dog Friendly Places

We're more than just a pet database... Find your nearest dog friendly pubs, B&Bs, beaches & more using Dog Friendly Places. This is a free feature on our app and is available to everyone! Your next dog friendly adventure awaits...

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We offer the world's lowest cost pet microchip scanner at just £9.99, which can be used to register your pet on our database, help missing pets reunite with their owners, for general identification or to check if your pet's microchip is working!

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